Black Friday Deals & Popularity

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Why it is named as Black Friday?

Black Friday is the name that is given to shopping day. It is known as black Friday because the huge capacity of shoppers resulted in creating traffic accidents as well as even violence sometimes. This word was drived in Philadelphia, where it was utilized to describe the heavy and troublesome pedestrian as well as vehicle traffic which would occur on the day of thanksgiving.

On this day also many stores become profitable and go into the black. Many shoppers plan to take benefit of amazing deals on this day. Though it was started in Philadelphia but now it can be found in cities all across America.

Black Friday Deals

Why is Black Friday so popular?

This day is very popular because it is one of the traditional outset days for the holiday shopping season. On this day you find amazing deals on the year’s hottest electronics, games, toys as well as jewellery. This season is very vital for economy especially for some of the retailers like jewelers.

On this day even the e-commerce stores like Amazon and eBay offer excellent deals as well as discounts. The average in-store discount is about 20% for the entire week but it goes up to 37% on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Saturday. Therefore, the average discount is up to 24 percent.  

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